Sunday, 3 July 2011

About Byrakur Venkatesh- A kannada Author

Late Byrakur Venkatesh is a very well known kannada author from the town of Byrakur in Mulbagal district of Karnataka. Born to Venkataramana and Venkamma on the 16th of august 1941 completed this primary and secondary education in the same district. Having passed his SSLC in 1958, he went on to obtained a degree in mining from the K G F School of Mines. He worked briefly as a mine supervisor at Taranagar and then later returned to his village to join as a second degree assistant at the "Nehru- Kenadi" High school and retired in August,1999.
His works in Kannada literature are very memorable, are are multifaceted. His works include Novels, philosophy literature and a few religious works. 

He lived on the very ripe old age and passed away on the 26th of july 2009.

His various works are

  1. Beladingala Ratri
  2. Priyathame
  3. Urmilae
  4. Bandha
  1. Shiva geethe
  2. 20 Upanishattugulu
  3. Vachana Bhagavadgeethe
  4. Upanishad vaibhava
  5. Bhagavannama Mahatva
Religious Stories
  1. Sadhu - Santara kathegalu
  2. Sadhu - Sajjanara Kathegulu
  3. Muttinanta neethi Kathegulu
  4. Devaru - Dharma
  5. Amruthabindhu
  6. Shiradi Saidaba Kathegulu
Children stories - Indhavaru Maha Purusharu

To be published soon
  1. Uttara Geethea sara
  2. Janapada Kathegulu
  3. Sri chaitanya Mahaprabhugulu
  4. Sri Nityananda Avadhutaru